10 Things: For the BEST Road Trip EVER

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10 Things for your RoadtripMy husband and I packed up our Subaru Forester and headed out for a 28 day Road Trip in June/July and now that enough time has passed...I'd like to share a few things that I wouldn't have survived without! (Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links that help me earn money at no extra cost to you. These link to products I already have and love!)

1. Books On Tape/CD

Hit up your local library, used bookstore, family & friends' collections, etc for some good reads. If you have kids with summer reading lists- this is a great way to knock out the list.  We listened to Into The Wild on the westbound portion of our trip- it really had us pumped for our adventure!

2. Maps

Because who doesn't love maps?  No seriously though- we hit a few traffic patches, no cell signal etc. and it was really good to be able to look at our Road Atlas to double check Siri's directions. It was also a great way to pass time- looking for interesting towns along the way!

3. Portable Charger & Car Outlet

We usually charged up our electronics in the car whenever we were driving- but we also charged up a portable Anker battery pack too.  And of course we needed to be able to recharge our camera batteries so we got a Duracell Car Outlet.  Both worked great for the trip and we were so happy we did our research on these before we left.

4. Healthy Food

We knew we'd be eating on the road so it was super important to avoid Wendy's everyday.  Instead we ate things like PB&J, apples, hummus & veggies, and oatmeal. We snacked on nuts and dried fruit while we were on the road, and make awesome dinners at camp with our Camp Chef stove! Seriously it was the best purchase we made- being able to cook regular meals was key to eating well for a month!

5. Clothing for ALL seasons

This was key- And you have to plan ahead for this one. We knew we'd be in the desert AND the mountains during our trip so we had to make sure we had jackets, hats, and gloves in addition to our shorts and swim suits!  Many people don't think about how chilly it gets at night in the desert either.  Our Northface Jackets were perfect because they didn't take up a lot of space and warmed us up when we needed extra warmth.

6. Games

Most of our nights were spent playing cards and dice games next to the camp-fire. There are tons of games out there- We discovered our new favorite: Wordical....although its more fun with several people.

7. A Hat

Because...Camp Hair.  Oh and sun. I had 2 hats with me. A sun hat with the brim all the way around- this was essential for the desert. And a regular Ball-cap hat. Both were Columbia...I found my sun-hat at Marshall's and the ball-cap in Page, AZ but you can get the cap online.

8. Sirius XM- Comedy Stations

We've had Sirius XM since buying our Forrester...and it was the BEST for our trip.  The comedy stations passed the time driving and we didn't have to worry about it going in and out like regular radio.

9. Sense of Humor

You have to be able to laugh- because things ARE going to go wrong. And you'll need to be able to find the laughter in the situations in order to have a great time.

10. Flexibility

We didn't make reservations ahead of time for our trip. This meant we had to be flexible.  When we discovered Southern Utah would be experiencing record high temps before leaving Lake Powell for Zion....we changed up our itinerary and headed to Sequoia National Park.


After reading this title to my husband he joked "Leave your husband at home." See...we had #9 covered.

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