Could You Hike 365 Miles In a Year?

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Yes. The answer to this question is: YES! You can. I know it sounds like a long way to go, but it's a mile a day. Or 7 miles a week. Or 28-30 miles a month. Ok now that sounds intimidating- but the point is you CAN do 365 miles in a year. Let me tell you how and why I plan to accept the 365 Mile Challenge in 2017.


While browsing my daily blogger feed, I came across this article from Go Adventure Mom that really resonated with me. She talked about how sometimes she feels like a fraud not getting outdoors enough as an adventure blogger. I was like "I'm not alone in this!" And it's tough to get to a hike with the holidays and weather and business obligations and, and, and.

But the reality for me is this: My city of Charlotte is full of some pretty great parks and trails within 15 minutes of my house. It's not like the outdoors is inaccessible to me (or anyone living in Charlotte really). And let me real with you all- being outside in nature keeps my anxiety and ADHD in check. Oh and my two dogs are just more pleasant after a pack there's that.

So I know how amazing and necessary this is for me. Hiking and being outside is what keeps me sane and happy. But as I mentioned before I have anxiety- and some days are harder than others to get out of the house. There's nothing rational about I can often convince myself I'm not up for a walk in the woods. And's just what I need to remedy the situation.

So I'll be joining in on the challenge to put in at least one mile a day of self propelled movement outside.


The cool thing- it doesn't have to be on a trail or in a park. It doesn't have to be hiking. I can bike, or kayak, or snowshoe (if we had snow) as long as my miles are outside and not the result of a motor.

You just go to to sign up. You get a vinyl sticker (I may be more excited for the sticker than the actual challenge) and access to a private Facebook group and entries to prizes.

I'm not into resolutions, but I'm definitely into accepting a challenge. I'll be sharing with you a weekly recap of how the challenge is going and posting daily on social media. I'm looking forward to using this challenge to explore more areas in Charlotte and I'm interested in how it can help inspire more designs for the next quarter!

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