How to Have a PERFECT Spring Saturday in Charlotte

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We know it can be boring to do the SAME thing EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. And sometimes you just can't get out of town for a hike because...It's May and you have a zillion weddings/graduations/birthdays/bbq's.....

You're in luck my #TrailFriends!  I have THE perfect plan for you...and It's sure to be a hit with your out of town guests if you have some!

How to have a perfect Saturday in Charlotte, NC by Grace Haag of Sapphire Trail

But First...Coffee

Start your morning off with locally roasted coffee at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery. My personal favorite is a Cold Brew with caramel syrup and milk...or a Large Latte.  And try one of their blueberry muffins if you just couldn't handle making breakfast yet! [514 East 36th St, Charlotte, NC 28205]

Stock Your Fridge

Step outside Smelly Cat and shop the NoDa Farmer's Market! We love to restock on salad greens and fruit here. It's a great place to get organic, locally grown produce and other food items...Like honey, salsa, and more! Seriously check it out.

Grab the perfect gift

After you get some tasty veggies head over the the NoDa Eclectic Marketplace where you'll find us set up selling some of our favorites from the online shop and some exclusive handmade items! Grab one of our Totes, some jewelry, candles, and soaps from other vendors and you've got one awesome gift ready to give! We love this market because there's always a variety of styles of art to choose from...and you will definitely find a unique piece here to decorate your space! [Note: This market is a Spring/Fall Market ending May 20th and starting again September 9th]


Are you hungry yet? You can easily eat at any of the restaurants here in NoDa. But if you have some produce from the Farmers Market you might want to go home and put it in the fridge.  If that's the case we recommend getting a Quinoa Bowl from Sabor on Davidson Street to go and enjoy a delicious lunch at home before our next stop!

Afternoon Delight Hike

Now that you are properly nourished we want you to check out one of Charlotte's Nature Preserves and hit the trails!  What kind of Saturday would it be without a hike?

  • University City: Reedy Creek Nature Preserve
  • South Charlotte: McDowell Nature Preserve
  • West Charlotte: Latta Plantation

Dinner & Drinks

A great way to spend your Saturday night is exploring one of the many breweries here in Charlotte.  There are only a few that serve food- but most have a food truck.  Since we live in the NoDa Neighborhood we are a bit partial to NoDa Brewing Company, Birdsong, and Free Range nearby. If you are in South Charlotte we love OMB and Sugar Creek Brewing (both of these serve food by the way...and it's delicious)

That's it...your PERFECT Saturday here in Charlotte!  We've left you lots of room to explore and create your own adventure...but should we add anything to this list?

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