Keep Hiking Part 3: How it became my Mantra for Life

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Keep Hiking

I hike to stay sane... remind myself no matter the obstacles along life's trails- I've got this if I "Keep Hiking" one foot in front of the next.

Some days are easier than others. Some days are really really tough.  That's the thing about anxiety and's never rational. You can't always predict when it will hit you. And you can't avoid everything you know might trigger a panic attack. But I calmed myself and got myself through what would have been a panic attack in the Grand Canyon- so I know I can handle anything life throws my way.

Most days I know this, but recently it's been tough. I now run an apparel brand inspired by adventure and the outdoors...and haven't even wanted to go for a hike for most of the month. I'm WAY behind on my miles for the 365 Challenge...and most days have been really hard to get past my bedroom door let alone hit the trail. If I focus on every way that I think I'm falling short of my goals I'll spiral into the cycle of anxiety and self I try not to be so hard on myself. It's winter anyways...and I try to look at everything I've accomplished in less than a year. Tomorrow will be another day. Today I focus on getting to the end of this switchback.

This is what prompted me to write this series.  I felt like you needed to know my story so you could know Sapphire Trail's story and know we are all human. We all have a struggle...and that's OK.  What began as an idea during my recovery from severe anxiety has blossomed into a full time business. I wanted to design things that were beautiful, inspired by nature, and everyone could enjoy. 

By the end of July I knew I couldn't return to the classroom just yet.  I wanted to take this year and see where Sapphire Trail's Journey took us...And I'm so glad we took this chance.  While I definitely miss my students- my first students graduate this spring and I couldn't be more proud of them- I'm where I need to be right now.  Building a business is tough...but it's also incredibly rewarding when my goal is to create designs that inspire others to live their own adventures.


Keep Hiking is more than a mantra... It's Sapphire Trail's Story.

This series tells our story...but I also wanted to bring awareness to mental health issues.  We can't be afraid to talk about it...otherwise we'll each be suffering alone.  It doesn't make us "broken" or "crazy" people.  It just makes us people. People who struggle.  People just like everyone else- because everyone struggles with something.

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