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New Product Launch: Embroidered Hats
Samples came in this weekend of two styles and designs of beanies...And they are AMAZING. We couldn't wait to get working on adding them to the site- so they are available NOW! What are you waiting for?!
Beanie Caps from Sapphire Trail $19.95
We started with two of my favorite designs: KBA- Kind Brave Adventurous & AIMS- Adventure In My Soul. Both are available in a variety of colors and in two styles: with and without the pom-pom top.  You'll notice we added them to our Kids Collection because they are a great size for kids too- although maybe a bit big on toddlers.
We'll be working this week to add some "Guy Designs" as we've heard the men around here asking for some "manly" hats!
What kinds of designs do you want to see on our next round of hats?
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