The Secret Behind Sapphire Trail Leggings

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We are so pleased with the leggings we are able to provide...they are sturdy, stretchy, warm, and beautiful.  Our Creative Director, Grace Haag, had a lot of questions this past week about how we are able to design our own leggings so she wanted to share with you our secret:

Why Leggings?

I became really obsessed with leggings this year when I started seeing all those Facebook Parties -you know which ones I'm talking about. They were soft and I love them but they aren't so great for my hikes and outdoor activities...and I still wasn't liking most of the patterns. So that's when I thought "Why don't I just design my own leggings?"

And that's what I did.

Wait what? How does that work?

With Printful, we are able to create our design, upload them and let Printful handle the manufacturing and fulfillment of our orders. That's kind of the simple answer.

The long answer is a bit more complicated.  I start with a template file.  This template has cutouts of each size so I can see how my design will look in all of the available sizes. Most of the leggings we have in the store right now are repeating patterns- so I use Adobe Illustrator to design the image I want to make a pattern out of and then create a pattern of it. I adjust the pattern until I love it and then create a rectangle of the pattern that covers my template.

Once the design is ready to go. I export the file and upload it to the Printful product and select size options, write product descriptions and set pricing. Then I go into Shopify and make sure the leggings are visible in all of our shopping channels (Facebook, Messenger, Online Store, Pinterest) before announcing to my customers on social media.

How does Printful Make them?

Great question. And one I've been mistakenly answering all week.  I was under the impression I basically designed a rectangle of fabric and they printed onto another rectangle of fabric then cut and sewed them. Wrong. And honestly I'm glad I'm wrong because that would be really quite wasteful.  They precut plain white leg pieces and print onto the video for how it's done!

What's so great about Sapphire Trail's Leggings from Printful?

I know...what makes them worth $35 is what you're really trying to ask me. And I'm a bargain hunter so I'm with you on that.  Quality. They aren't your typical cheap cotton leggings from Target or Wal-mart (although I do love these too!). They are thick, athletic weight leggings made of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. A pair from athletic retailers will run you on average $40-$80+ depending on the retailer.

Even though these are actually an athletic legging- they are quite versatile. I wear mine with a t-shirt dress for a fun trivia night look...but also under my hiking pants as a base layer. And let me tell you- they were warm! We layer a lot here in North when we went for a hike in 18* temps last week I was super happy these puppies were warm...otherwise I couldn't suggest them for cold weather apparel.

And that's just the quality stuff...As a designer I am thrilled these leggings allow me to add our branding to the garment at no extra cost and they are printed, cut & sewn here in the US. 

We don't have a short supply of your favorite prints. And we can design whatever you want! I love that it's easy for our customers- no waiting for Facebook Parties and invoicing and commenting. Just click "Buy" and your beauties will be on their way!

Leggings- Buy Some

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