Wearable Art? Yes Please.

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Introducing our Newest Collection:

Watercolor Collection by Grace Haag

We feel like the possibilities are endless here at Sapphire Trail!  Our Founder, Grace Haag, has been busy experimenting with new methods of creating art for you to wear and enjoy in your home.  This week you may have started to see some of these gorgeous prints pop up in your newsfeed on Facebook and we wanted to share a little bit about the process and what to expect in this collection.

I was curious about creating more unique prints for the All-Over Print shirts and leggings so she began to play around in Adobe Photoshop Sketch. As I played around with the available brushes I was intrigued with how realistic the watercolor brush was- the colors really blended as if I were painting on real paper with real paints. So I experimented with a few blends of colors and loved how the horizontal blends took on a very scenic quality. This of course led me to be more intentional and created a Blue Ridge Mountains scene and eventually the Desert Butte.

Desert Butte PillowDark Sky SocksBlue Ridge iPhone Case

What makes this super exciting for the shop is a larger selection of Home Decor items like Pillows and Art Prints....and of course the wearable items like socks, shirts and leggings too! We're also experimenting with personalized products like monogrammed mugs, totes, and phone cases.

With Spring just around the corner we can't wait to work on some pretty floral prints, beach landscapes, and more!

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