Writing a Travel Journal for The Non-Journal Type

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Our Guide to Writing a Travel Journal
Confession: I have always been awful at following through with my good intentions of keeping a travel journal while on vacation. I get the journal...I tell myself I'll fill up all of the pages with details of my trip- where we stay, where we eat, where I shop, what sights we see.  Then the journal sits in my bag and comes home empty.
That changed last year when my husband and I were on the road for a month visiting some of our country's most incredible places.  He had an idea to take one selfie a day...and since I had little else to do in the passenger seat I kept a travel journal on our family website (houseofhaag.weebly.com)
We just got back from 2 weeks in Italy and I kept a journal the entire time!  Here's how you do it without it being a homework assignment that you dread doing:
Get yourself an awesome pen: My personal favorites are the Pilot G2 Pens. They write nicely and come in lots of pretty colors. The ink just glides on the paper and make both writing and sketches look cool.
Keep the Journal Small:  I picked up a pocket sized journal on our 2nd day in Rome while visiting the Vatican. Its about 4"x 5" so it fit perfectly in my purse. Plus it was almost full by the time my trip ended since the pages were small.
Opt for Blank Pages: Lined pages limit you to only writing whereas Blank pages allow you to sketch and doodle on your pages.  Its OK if you don't write in a straight lines.
Think of it as a Travel Guide...Not a Journal: If you had an AMAZING meal somewhere- keep the card and leave space to stick in it when you get home.  Write down what you ate here that was SO good.  Only write down places you'd send a friend or family member to. If you saw a museum or hiked a trail you thought wasn't worth the hype...mention that.
Make it your own: There's really no wrong way to keep a travel journal if you just do your own thing.  If you love to doodle- do it. If you feel the flow of words- let them flow!
Proudly display it on your bookshelf with the rest of your travel books: What a great way to remember a trip...its like a free book and YOU are the author!
What are your favorite ways to keep a travel journal? Do you prefer electronic or paper?  Let us know!

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