Join us on our mission to reduce textile waste. Beginning this summer, ALL of our handmade items will be created using gently used fabrics sourced from local thrift shops and #TrailFriends' closets....including my own.

The idea seems obvious but it took a few months of thinking. As I started doing more handmade items, I'd buy new from local craft stores and then paint them using a variety of stencil techniques. Then I began to experiment with fabric dying.

At the same time I was doing a much needed Spring Cleaning of my own closet.  I have an old, super comfy, but yellowing, white zip-up hoodie that I have been holding onto for far to long....and then it hit me. Thrift Shops.

I can give new life to perfectly good clothing other people don't want...a RENEWED ADVENTURE. 

I am thrilled to announce this collection is available at our Charlotte Area events and will be available in the online shop in July!

But wait...there's more.

For every 10 gently used* shirts you send us- You'll get FREE SHIPPING off a future online order.

Yes. That's right. We will give you a discount to use this year!  All we ask is you pre-wash your items.

*Items that count towards the Renewed Adventure Program include: white and solid colored fabric apparel, and accessories (table cloths, napkins, pillow cases); national park shirts; flannel hiking shirts; Denim; other outdoor/hiking/camping/nature inspired shirts.

Contact us below to send us your stuff!